What can we do with our MSXVR?

In addition to enjoying as children with all its features ...


This computer is software and hardware compatible with the MSX standard and its entire family (MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+ and MSXTR). It also allows you to play software from other computers and game consoles. See here.


Use your tools to program in both VR-BASIC and VR-SCRIPT
Create games or applications compatible with retro systems.
Develop hardware and drivers for the DB37 port
Possibilities are endless!


Create music, graphics, text, code ... we have developed a whole native and personalized system that offers you an unimaginable range of possibilities. Also, with the KBRD port, use your MSXVR as a keyboard for your desktop computer and optimise the space on your desktop.


Have fun playing hundreds of games in both physical and digital formats. Enjoy the new 2D and 3D graphics possibilities offered by this system. Enjoy exclusive, compatible and native MSXVR cartridges with lots of Gigabytes.


There are already many of us who can contribute to the MSXVR community.All with enthusiasm to learn and many of them with solid knowledge in the development of both retro and current systems. Take advantage of our platform to make yourself known with your MSXVR developments.


At your disposal we put all kinds of content and help, a repository with code and examples so you can learn how to get the most out of your machine. Additionally, if you are a classic lover, you will have the possibility of purchasing our publications in book format.

MSXVR «Virtualizer»

Standard and custom version, choose colour and language. Payment in installments.

Slot protector covers

Protects the cartridge slots from dust. Available in different colours.


Sky Jaguar 2

Dual Cartridge - MSX/MSXVR compatible



Compatible only with MSXVR


Operation Pig

Compatible only with MSXVR


Space Ranger

Compatible only with MSXVR


Hollenburg «Hell Castle»

Compatible only with MSXVR


King’s Valley III

Compatible only with MSXVR


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