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Standard and custom version, choose colour and language. Payment in installments.
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Preorders: 5th October 2020 to 1st January 2021
Deliveries: from 1st August 2021
Payment methods: Bank transfer or card payment through a secure payment gateway. It can be paid in custom installments.


An elegant box with all you need to enjoy this computer.
NOTICE: The planned final packaging protects all the deliverables, including the box.
Packaging includes: Power Supply, Service Manual, SD Card, RCA-RCA Cable and HDMI-HDMI Cable.
Notes: In PREORDER#1 the SD cards being installed are the SAMSUNG EVO 32Gb. For PREORDER#2 it will depend on the stock availablity, if the same make is not available we always try to look for an alternative with the similar high standards.

N.B: This box is protected by another one to ensure your product arrives in best possible order.


Although the MSXVR uses a Raspberry PI inside it as MSX-Engine , also taking advantage of the other features of this mini-computer, it has been necessary to develop all special hardware that would allow real-time access to the cartridges, clocks, voltage management, on / off system, access to external devices, management of game ports, MIC audio input, audio amplifier for slots, internal audio mixer, remote control jack, LEDs, buttons and everything necessary for the set of elements to coexist offering good performance and functionality.

Back Connectors

  • External Keyboard Port. It is used to connect the MSXVR to a PC or MAC and to serve as a USB keyboard. To function in this mode, the MSXVR must be turned off.
  • Jack 2.5 REM control. Enables / disables the remote control. It would be the REM of the cassette although it may have other functionalities.
  • EAR Jack 3.5. To connect speakers or headphones.
  • MIC Jack 3.5. To connect a microphone or as an audio input.
  • AV OUT RCA. Coaxial connectors for composite video and analog audio. Allows you to connect the computer to a CRT television.
  • Ethernet RJ45. Network connector
  • HDMI. Type-A connector to connect a monitor or television with digital image / audio.
  • DSI / CSI. Port that allows direct connection to the camera and screen bus.
  • SD Port. Port where we can extract or insert the SD card that the system uses and that must contain a compatible operating system. It is not a hot extraction unit.
  • 4 x USB Ports. Standard USB 2.0 Type-A ports
  • DB37-IO Interface. 37-pin connector with I/O configuration and used to create connectivity with external hardware.
  • PSU connector. Socket where to connect the power supply.

Side Connectors

  • 2 x Game ports. ATARI/MSX compatible DB9 ports.
  • Power switch. Allows a safety shutdown.


For the plastic case, both top and bottom, injection molds will be used. The resulting plastic will have professional quality, in addition to accomplish with EU safety/quality directives.


The keyboard is made up of 88 keys with the following layout:

It is a mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry-MX compatible switches. You can choose between blue version (clicky sound) or brown version (softer click).

By default, the standard version uses a GRAY/BLACK colour scheme.

The standard version only allows you to choose between the UK-English and Spanish layout, depending on whether you want the Spanish or English version (selector language )

However, it is possible to choose between 21 different language templates and the possibility of customizing colors for the keys. In this case, you must select the customized mode in the keyboard color selector (this option has an extra cost of €30+VAT)

Set up your computer

Once you've done so, we just need you to provide us with the code associated with your settings. You can provide this in the "Notes" text field when processing the order or by replying to the email that we will send you once you process it.

You can see different user-created settings:



As part of the computer production process, the CE quality certificate will also be applied. We want it to be a professional and safe product. This involves laboratory tests for both the exterior and all internal components, electromagnetic compatibility, low voltage, RoHS and general safety for household products.


Within the software that comes with the computer, there is a package of virtual machines with which the computer can operate both real hardware and files in the form of ROMs, DSKs, CAS, TSX, WAV, etc.

During all these years, efforts have been applied to the entire family of MSX machines (MSX1, 2, 2+ and TurboR), creating a hybrid system of emulation and access to real-time hardware which we have called VIRTUALIZATION.

Poco a poco hemos ido agregando nuevas máquinas virtuales como: ZX Spectrum, CPC, C64, ColecoVision, Sega SG-1000, Sega SC-3000, Sega Master System y Sega Game Gear. Nuestra intención es seguir ampliando el número de máquinas disponibles al tiempo que mejoramos la compatibilidad y prestaciones de las existentes.


Things you can connect to your MSXVR:

  • ATARI standard DB9 controls. Your MSX controls will work.
  • USB or wireless controllers and play your favorite games.
  • A USB or wireless mouse.
  • Another USB or wireless keyboard.
  • A USB key to store your ROMS or personal data. The system will detect it and mount it in the system as A :, B: or the letter available at that time.
  • A keyboard or MIDI device.
  • A USB floppy disk drive.
  • And in general, a large number of USB devices.


Along with the computer is delivered an entire application system that will allow you to play, design, program and learn. This system is upgradeable online, connecting either via ethernet or wifi cable from your MSXVR. The aim is to continue improving the current applications and gradually introduce more new features. Some of these applications are:

VR-DOS MSX-DOS-style command interpreter
VR-BASIC BASIC interpreter compatible with MSXBASIC
VR-SYSTEM User-friendly desktop to organize applications
VR-SCRIPT Native system language for programming
Calculator Could not miss a calculator in the system
Code-Editor IDE for programming and manage projects
Text-Editor Text editor with basic functionalities for editing and programming
Config Control panel and computer settings
Remote Control Remote control application designed for the MSXVR to behave like a development kit. In this way, the most advanced users who have their programming environment on a desktop PC/MAC/LINUX machines, will be able to access their computer remotely from their local network to send files, execute code, debug, etc.
Email Basic email client
FileExplorer Application to navigate between the different units of the system
GameDB Multi-file and multi-system games catalog
GameSaurus Visual editor for GL (Game’s Library) components
ImageViewer Browse, edit and view multiple types of graphic files
Player Media player for audio, video and virtual machines
Telnet Client for VR-DOS telnet
TileEditor Tile editor for screen-2
TrackSaurus Tracker to compose chiptune music
ASTool Preprocessor / Compiler / Transcompiler and Linker for retro CPUs
You can also enjoy some free game included in the package:

Here are some videos:


More than 500 MSX cartridges have been tested


You can also see compatibility with some MSX hardware devices:


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 8 cm

English, Español


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