Operation Pig

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Protect the pig in this arcade game with a retro, frenetic and very funny atmosphere

You are Special Agent Wood and you have worked on the most dangerous missions. You have saved your country hundreds of times. You have been awarded for your bravery on several occasions, and over the years, you have become the most feared agent. But now you must prepare for what will be the most dangerous mission you have ever faced. The president needs you for one last job that has been called: OPERATION PIG.
Your mission is to safeguard the integrity of Ramón, the President's pig, but it will not be easy. Ramón is a pig that likes to travel in search of rich acorns and mud to bathe in. You are the most qualified and experienced agent, but it will not be an easy task. The president's evil enemies have learned of Ramón's existence, and will do everything possible to search for him and destroy him. Now, put on your sunglasses, grease the arsenal and get ready for a wild adventure with the pinkest and fattest pig in the world.
Operation Pig is a pure Arcade where you will have to test your skills and dexterity to prevent Ramón pig from being destroyed by the enemy hordes. Go through a total of 40 hectic levels full of dangers and prevent the pig from succumbing to enemy attacks. Collect all kinds of weapons and upgrades to defend yourself and succeed in levels full of dangers and traps.
Get ready for a game that you won't be able to stop playing until you finish it. If you are a lover of eighties challenges and spent hours playing in the Arcades in your neighborhood, Operation Pig will make you relive those years. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to prove to your friends that you are a true special agent?

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