If you are interested in being part of the list of future users, send an email here. Thanks!

Opening date?. On the one hand, we are waiting for the list of interested parties to reach a threshold and for users to show interest in everything we publish on our social networks. On the other, we are finalizing certain hardware improvements and trusting that the current situation in the electronic components market is more propitious.

We will keep reporting. Thank you.




  • 01th December 2021, completed preorders.
  • 06th September 2021, preorder#1 and preorder#2 contacted and almost entirely shipped.
  • 06th August 2021, all users of preorder#1 have been contacted for the closing and shipping of their orders.
  • 01st February 2021, Preorder#2 closed, status updated. We recommend to watch video.
  • 04th December 2020, we give information about the shipping dates of the computers
  • 01th December 2020, we have received main board pcbs
  • 23th November 2020, we have received plastic cases + plastic bases
  • 12th November 2020, we have received books and manuals.
  • 06th November 2020, we have received the first completed plastic cases in all the colours.
  • 03th November 2020, we have received all the PCB's needed in the computer.
  • 22th October 2020, It seems that the delivery dates of the missing things are being refined. There have been some delays that we have been able to partially solve to avoid delaying the start of shipments beyond November. The delays have been: a stock problem in a couple of components of the main boards and the other, with cables, a delay in the production and subsequent departure of the merchandise (COVID problems in China).
  • 15th October 2020, MSXVR boxes at home and some part of ship boxes.
  • 14th October 2020, we have all the keyboard pcbs. We are going to evaluate, one by one, that all them work correctly.
  • 7th October 2020, we have 100% of the keycap configurations of the preorder#1.
  • 05th October 2020, PREORDER#2 opened.
  • 2th October 2020, 100 x Keycaps sent and waiting to be received next week. We move some deliveries, without touching the shipping start date. This week there are 250 finished keyboard boards and the next the other 250. The computer cases are already in production. P&P material (screws, etc.) received. Production of the plastic cases is also in production.
  • 21th September 2020, Sample of packaging box received.
  • 14-18th September 2020, the remaining 50 RPI3B+ have arrived. The company of the packaging box has not been able to send the printed sample, we need to move dates a bit. Plastic case screen printing samples are being defined.
  • 11th September 2020, the injection molds design has been validated. About the packaging box, we are waiting to receive the final prototype the next week.
  • 8th September 2020, 100% PSUs received.
  • On 1st September 2020, we published this section of the website to provide more detailed information on the status of the computers.
  • In August 2020, several companies we work with took vacations throughout the month.
  • In July 2020 we were able to advance with electronics although there were still details to be solved in the mold.
  • In June 2020 the restrictions were lifted and we returned to a situation of relative normality. The injection mold blocked progress in other aspects of the electronics.
  • In March 2020, the restrictions due to COVID-19 began.
  • In January 2020, delays were reported due to lack of stock in the RPI3B +. This situation was used to improve the board and make it compatible with the RPI4B to allow future upgrades.
  • Preorder # 1 started in September 2019.